I am Back!

‘I am so excited’ I told my mum over the phone, ‘I wish we were there already!’
I was thinking about this every day since we decided to go. You see, this was our first family holiday since our A. was born. Just for the record, she is 17 month now.


We didn’t have to think twice on where we wanted to go. We knew it’s going to be Spain. Torrevieja to be exact.  We already been there couple of times and really enjoyed our stay. Plus J.s sister with her family lives just 30 min away from Torrevieja and we wanted to visit them as well.
Golden beach, beautiful weather and lazy afternoons filled our life for the whole month we stayed there. Late breakfasts and daily naps together with A. became our routine.
We had no plans, no commitments, no stress. Just careless and very relaxed holiday.


It was just what we needed. It was bliss.                  
We came back to Ireland recharged and ready to face new challenges of everyday life.
 We came back happy.
I’ll be back shortly to share with new recipes, so please come back soon!
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