Lazy Summer Days,Trip to London and a New Address


For the past couple of weeks mother nature has been good to us. Sun was shining more often then usual and we were soaking up every bit of it.

I and A. couldn’t be more happier. Everyday day we were out and about enjoying summer weather.
There were a lot of walk in the park. A lot of sitting in the grass. And a lot of laziness.

With the sun shining so brightly, I had no desire to be around the kitchen. We just enjoyed simple salads, soups and lots and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

In between all this laziness, I and A. took a little trip to London to visit my younger sister. It has been long time since I last saw her and needless to say we had incredible time.

There were a lot of catching up, long talks and even some tears.
She always tried to make us feel welcomed and comfortable. She has been great hostess and most importantly she is amazing sister.
I miss her already….xxx
I am pleased to say that The Coffee Break has new url address – . It will take up to 48 hours for everything to synchronize, so please be patient. Thank you!
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