Algerian Sweets – Dziriettes

It has been quiet around here.  Days came and went without adventures.
 And same was with our food. There were no experimenting, no action in the kitchen. Just simple but nutritious everyday meals.
It was Tuesday afternoon when I decided to bake a little treat for us. I opened my cupboard to look for inspiration. In one corner of the cupboard I spotted long-forgotten bottle of an orange blossom water.
For some reason I immediately remembered about dziriettes. Little tartlets filled with almond paste and dipped in orange blossom water syrup.
Sweet and nutty. Perfect for an afternoon treat.
That day we also had chorba and karantita. I used this recipe for soup just instead of lamb I used chicken. Karantita was gone almost immediately it came out of the oven, I didn’t have a chance to take a quick photo of it. But I guess it is good sign : )
Prep time: 45-50 min
Total time: 1 ½ h
(Makes approx. 15)
For the dough:
220 g all purpose flour
Pinch of salt
50 g butter, melted
60 ml water
For the filling:
500 g ground almonds
250 g icing sugar
2 tbs orange blossom water
Zest of 1 lemon
2 large eggs
For the syrup:
250 ml water
150 g sugar
2 tbs orange blossom water
15 whole almonds to garnish
In a bowl combine flour and salt. Add in melted butter. Pour in water and knead well. Add more water if requires.  The dough should be smooth and firm.
 Cover with cling film and set aside.
For the filling combine first four ingredients. Then add eggs, one at the time; mix well after each addition. Form small balls, size of walnut. Set aside.
Transfer the dough onto lightly floured surface. Divide in half then roll out each piece into very thin sheet, approximately 2 mm.
Preheat oven to 180⁰C. Line baking sheet with lightly greased parchment paper.
Cut out circles, about 8-10 cm in diameter.  In the centre of the each circle place the filling, then with the thumb and forefinger lightly pinch the dough to make several small folds. Put one whole almond in the middle of each dziriette.
Bake for 20 minutes or until lightly browned.
Meanwhile make the syrup.  In a saucepan combine water, sugar and orange blossom water. Bring it to a boil then reduce heat and continue to simmer for 15 minutes. Cool for few minutes.
Before serving dip each cookie into the syrup.

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  1. I love orange blossom water, these must have tasted sensational as they totally look!

  2. These sound amazing! I love almonds when combined with floral scents like orange flower, it makes such a heavely dessert! Beautiful as well!

  3. Hi Irina, these sound wonderful. Perfect for a coffee break! I cannot resist almond treats and I love the layers of flavour these have with lemon, and orange flower water. The syrup is an unusual but lovely touch.

  4. Delicate and beautiful!

  5. Thank you so much for your kind word!

  6. Your photos are so full of light and beautiful! I just can't stop looking at them and these little sweets sound fabulous!

  7. Thanks Gourmantine 🙂

  8. These look delicious! Love your blog.

  9. Thank you Sherilyn!

  10. They look adorable! Orange and almond are fantastic together!

  11. I have never tried Algerian sweets, just loved this recipe. Can I replace orange blossom water with anything else? This ingredient is not available in Hong Kong. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  12. Hi purabi naha, if you can't get orange blossom water then you can substitute with vanilla extract and/or orange zest. Although its not same but it will taste as delicious as with orange blossom water! And for the syrup use orange skin instead of orange blossom water, just strain before dipping cookies. Hope it helps 🙂

  13. Hi!!!! they looks yummy and very beautiful. I'm Algerian living in France, i'm pleased to see our beautiful recipes cross borders.
    *you can replace orange blossom with rose water

  14. These look great! Are you by chance Algerian?

    1. Thanks! No, I am not 🙂 but I am married to one 😀 By the way I love your blog, I've been reading it for years 🙂

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